VoiceBot A.I Service

  • What is VoiceBot A.I?

    Voice Bot A.I is a product that combines language processing technology (recognition, language synthesis) and natural language processing to create a Voicebot system, ensuring confidentiality when recording information and responding. voice feedback automatically.

    This is a tool to replace agents in some customer communication scenarios, working 24/7 and unlimited number of concurrent calls.

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Benefits of using Voice Bot A.I



    • No step-by-step operation by pressing the key
    • Reduce agent waiting time
    • Quick answers to simple questions
    • Working 24/7, customers can contact whenever they have problems

    • Reduce employees’ simple repetitive work
    • Streaming calls to the right professionals without wasting time switching phones
    • Support real-time customer analysis, make appropriate communication suggestions

    • Minimizing the forwarding of the wrong call
    • Pick-up rate reaches 100%
    • Self-priority system for emergency situations
    • Retrieve real-time information, give accurate reports to customers’ wishes

How Voice Bot A.I Works

  • Speech recognition

  • Understand and process intent in conversation

  • Synthesizer of voices

Feature Voice Bot A.I



    Create a call script according to the template, using the recording file


    Using the knowledge system to analyze questions, find the optimal solution


    The ability to speak like a human with emotion, speed, and pitch


    Forward calls for agents to answer in case bots don’t respond to replies


    Detailed campaign statistics, call count report, call time, user topics of interest

Perfect for most businesses

From small and medium enterprises, FnB chains, Shops, technology startups, parties with customer care call centers … to large enterprises such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Securities, Logistic, Telecommunications, E-commerce … with full features:

> 2-way interaction entirely by voice

> Support multiple interactive channels

> Unlimited scalability

> Easy integration with CRM/ERP systems

> Customer sentiment analysis report

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the features of Voice Bot?
    Voice bot uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I) technology, speech synthesis technology, speech recognition technology. Voice bot has the ability to listen, understand and interact with humans two-way, as natural as a real telephone operator.
    Voice Bot can integrate with existing business PBX?
    Of course and certainly. If you don’t have a PBX system yet, we can help you better by Contacting us 1900 6020 for further assistance.


    Can Voice Bot speak regional accents?
    Yes. Voice Bot can speak all 3 Northern, Central and Southern accents.


    Number of simultaneous calls that Voice Bot can deploy?
    Unlimited deployment possible, depending on your deployment infrastructure.
    Can cancel the service?
    No problem, if you realize Voice Bot service is not right for your business, you can simply email us before your next payment. In case of Annual Contract, everything will be based on Contract terms.
  • Can I try your service?
    Entirely possible. You can absolutely use our demo system before making a decision. Please contact us 1900 6020 for further assistance.
    Can I purchase a separate feature instead of the entire service?
    Our current service packages have been researched and developed according to the actual requirements of the market, all features will be integrated in each package. We believe that our service can help you a lot in the day-to-day operations of your business.
    Apart from the service fee, are there any other fees?
    Yes, you need to have available Internet infrastructure and switchboard system. Please contact us for advice and detailed quotation support.


    What are the terms of the contract?
    We are providing service term by month, year. You can register/cancel at any time (but please note that the deposit will not be refunded under any conditions)
    What is the payment terms?
    We currently accept payment by bank transfer. Detailed information will be notified when you register to use the service.

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