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  • partners_fpt_logoEstablished on January 31, 1997, FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company (FPT Telecom). After more than 15 years of operation, FPT Telecom has become one of the leading telecommunications and Internet service providers in the region with over 3,500 employees, 45 domestic and foreign branches. With the motto “All services on one connection”, FPT Telecom constantly researches and implements more and more value-added services on the same Internet line to bring maximum benefits to customers. used goods. At the same time, promoting cooperation with major telecommunications partners in the world, building international fiber optic lines are strong deployment directions to bring services to global markets, improving further higher the position of FPT Telecom in particular and the Vietnamese telecom service providers in general.

  • partners_cmc_logoCMC is one of the leading technology corporations in Vietnam with over 20 years of construction and development. Organized as a parent-subsidiary model with 7 member companies operating in Vietnam and many countries around the world, CMC has affirmed its position in the domestic market and towards the regional market. Internationally through key business activities such as system integration, software services, Internet telecommunications, manufacturing and distribution of ICT products. CMC Telecommunication Infrastructure Joint Stock Company was established on September 5, 2008 as a member unit of CMC Technology Group. As a young company with age, but with the financial, human and technological potentials, CMC Telecom is currently one of the leading providers of telecommunications services in Vietnam. The first and only telecommunication unit in Vietnam to provide Internet services on advanced GPON technology.