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Relieve the worry of running costs
and the management team is too heavy

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  • Cloud Call Center System (CloudXCS)

    Instead of a bunch of devices and systems – Now all you need for service is just a laptop for employees. Instead of needing a team of engineers to manage & operate the system – Now just a single technical personnel for your center. Instead of having a big fee to run your service – Now it is just a small number … CloudXCS service is ready for you to experience and enjoy those utilities right now.

  • Self Hosted Service (Self-Hosted)

    Renting a service still doesn’t really create trust for you because of data security issues as prescribed by your company. We understand and respect that with the rules of law and privacy. Because of that, the Self-Hosted service is the right choice for you, ready to meet the most stringent security requirements for your business with the most advanced & secure data security standards and technologies (MD5 64bit).

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