Multi-Channel Customer Service

  • A comprehensive and multi-channel customer support tool

  • Multi-channel customer care service Provides comprehensive support toolkit, To bring the best experience as well as maintain the trust of customers.

Your customer care team is having difficulties ?

You are providing products and services, You currently care for customers and support requests in many ways, Various tools like phones, email, live chat, facebook … an employee using multiple tools at the same time to support is causing difficulties, take a long time and arise data errors. The most important is in the management position, You may be getting false reporting information that affects your business results and sales strategy.


With the multi-channel customer service, your employees can respond to emails and answer calls, Receive Chat requests with customers right on a single application. Not only that, every employee can review the interaction history of each customer through any channel. Employee tracking tool to support customers throughout the work process by converting to Ticket.

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  • Email Channel

    You can convert from Email customer support request to Ticket to manage, support or forward to the capable department..  Completely different from normal Email application, Email support applications will be organized, organized by categories, by priority and assigned to the best support personnel by skill. Commitment to the quality of support services and never be late with customers.

  • Phone Channel

    Always the most effective and fastest support channel in any situation. The integrated voice solution in the multi-channel customer service gives your employees instant work tools, ability to receive and display customer information, interaction history over the phone, recording content, notes, allowing employees to immediately capture the content and how to support requests from customers…

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  • Chat Channel

    With support channels via Live Chat, it is sure to bring the best experience to each customer who is present on the website, in-app or your mobile application. Proactively approaching customers who are surfing on your website is one of the preeminent features of the multi-channel customer care application (without waiting for customers to contact you). With the information collected from guests, social networking profiles, employees can fully interact actively & Best support for each customer…

  • Website Channel

    You can give your customers a faster support tool by integrating this support interface into your own Website or wherever you want customers to contact, so your customers can access as quickly as possible, and save you time and money to develop a similar application..  Website support application(support portal) allow customers to interact quickly and get the fastest response…



  • Facebook & Twitter

    Interaction through social networking tools is no stranger to most of your customers, your buying needs, daily support needs are certainly not small. How is your staff currently receiving and supporting through this channel ?Is it effective? Because these tools are currently used for personal use. Not with our multi-channel customer care solution. Because social media is one of the most effective sales tools today, as well as how to optimize the support and automation process Ticket …

  • Management Overview

    You are familiar with using the Alt + Tab key combination to switch between supporting applications. From that day forget it, because the multi-channel customer care solution will unite it all into one interface. Managers can allocate, Switching support channels for each employee depends on working conditions, skills and other factors to achieve the highest level of efficiency, The fastest and most important thing is to make sure your employees are completely under no pressure during work…



Provide department heads and management to get the most overview of the operation of the customer care department of the business. Efficiency and performance within a given time frame. Dashboard interface brings all the necessary information, as well as support, instant updates of system changes, Resolved, Unresolved, Received, Overdue, Open tickets, enclose parameters like: SLA, KPI …

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