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So what exactly is Mobile Sip Trunk?

Mobile SIP Trunk – is to use internet transmission channel or private channel to connect mobile number terminals of Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone operators to IP PBX that support SIP protocol. Mobile Sip Trunking is a voice service via SIP Trunk connection currently on IP platform to make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls with mobile number. Show only 1 number when calling out to Customer. Multi-channel connection and unlimited calls.

Salient features


  • Friendly Hotline number


  • Stable 24/7


  • Unlimited geolocation


  • Unlimited calls


  • Flexible management


  • Easy to expand


Benefits of using Mobile Sip Trunk service


  • Maximum cost savings

    Save up to 30% compared to using a fixed number. Especially, for businesses with large call volumes, charges are incurred frequently. With Mobile Sip Trunk, businesses can overcome the above weakness. Receiving calls and making calls freely without a phone sim, making many calls at the same time by a single number with an appropriate fee.


    Increased connectivity

    Mobile Sip Trunk service brings great benefits when it helps to increase the ability to connect customers by 10-15%. Increase from 5-10% the ability to interact with customers.

    Connectivity and interoperability are enhanced when Sip Trunk’s precise routing function is active. It means that the subscriber number you register with which carrier will call out to the customer who is using that carrier’s subscription.



    Choose a number according to your needs

    Mobile Sip Trunk provides prefixes (086, 088, 089) of three major carriers: Viettel, Vina, Mobi. Businesses can freely choose the number that suits their needs.

    Your business can still keep the same mobile number or contact number available, the system will convert to Mobile Sip Trunk, receiving and calling out is easy, unlimited and only displayed. a registered number. This helps to increase credibility and increase credibility when approaching customers.

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