CloudXCS Telesales Service

CloudXCS Telesales Service

Selling by phone to the present stage is still one of the effective channels of interaction of businesses in product promotion, sales and marketing activities. Not out of this trend, CloudXCS Telesales service is researched and developed to meet customer and market needs.

The service includes a set of active support tools for bulk calling and the application of AI technology to make the solution smart, efficient and quickly bring results to customers.

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  • Outbound Campaigns

    The multi-campaign sales management feature allows customers to create and arrange personnel, scenarios, and customer lists appropriately and effectively according to the business plan of the enterprise.

  • Voice Broadcasting (AutoCall)

    The toolkit helps businesses make tens of thousands of calls at the same time, make notifications, remind a fixed content or personalized content (application of AI technology) to tens of thousands of client. Previously, this could not be done quickly when done manually with humans.

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  • Blended Inbound / Outbound

    A combination solution between customer care and Telesales for businesses with both needs. The synchronization and interaction of real data with each customer is clearly shown on the interaction history, providing complete information for the Agent to have the most effective way and method of support.

  • Dialers

    Dialer is one of the special features for Telesales activities. CloudXCS Telesales has and always has perfected dialers to serve each customer’s actual needs (Manual Dialer, Auto Dialer, Predictive Dialer* …) corresponding to each dialer, customers will increase the contact rate as well as orders successfully.

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