CloudXCS Customer Care Service

CloudXCS Customer Care Service

The solution is designed to fully meet the Customer Care Process of every business in an era where almost all interactions between customers and businesses are done and completed through communication channels such as Voice, Email, Chat, SMS… CloudXCS solution is developed based on needs and focuses on actual customer experience, bringing the highest and fastest satisfaction for each interaction.

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  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

    The IVR application supports customers to interact quickly and simply to reach the right department / support staff as well as solve customer problems in the most effective way. Not only that, IVR supports the operation management of the support team very effectively in saving costs, personnel as well as support time.

  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

    ACD application is a tool to allocate calls completely automatically depending on many criteria of the business such as time, team, skills, priority … this utility will help businesses improve reception capacity and effectively support a large number of calls from customers at the same time, improving the quality and reputation of enterprises in business activities and customer care.

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  • Queue

    The Queue tool provides management and queuing tools for all customer calls, ensuring fairness, flexibility as well as considering the priority for each customer differently depending on business policy.

  • Customer Self-service

    Technology transforms the enterprise’s PBX system into a smart “virtual” assistant and allows customers to interact, search and look up information quickly and simply without having to wait for the switchboard. staff, not only helping customers and businesses save resources and time, but also promoting quality and efficiency of customer care to the highest level, which traditional communication systems cannot do.

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  • Voicemail

    Voice messages are an indispensable tool in the customer care process, allowing customers to leave messages with businesses in times when the agents cannot be reached. Messages will be automatically forwarded / notified to the staff in charge immediately to carry out the customer care process as prescribed.

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