CloudXCS & CRMs

CloudXCS solution with integrated CRMs


With a comprehensive integrated solution that works between your existing CRM system and our Call Center, consultants can easily access customer data, old calls, and old information stored on the website. your CRM system. This will help caregivers take the customer service experience to the next level.


Outstanding benefits when integrating CloudXCS & CRM


  • Update customer information directly into CRM

    Customers call the PBX, if the customer is completely new, the system will popup a form for the consultant to note information about the customer and automatically store it in CRM. And vice versa, if the customer already has data from your CRM, the software will display all customer details. Help employees take better care.

  • Autoresponder mailbox

    Automate customer inquiries with autoresponders. Is a very important function of integrating CRM into the Call Center CloudXCS. Accordingly, this function guides users to the most accurate navigation steps. Or the simplest solutions to their problems.

  • Call routing

    Customers contact the company. This software will automatically redirect users’ calls to extensions during office hours. Depends on the priority level of the problem. Outside office hours, will go to the mobile number for care.

  • Deployment on live software

    All customer information and transaction history are updated directly on the call screen of the consultant. As a result, search, dialing, data entry and storage operations will all be optimized quickly.

  • Call recording and storage

    It is very easy to store call recording files, organize, categorize and manage. This helps businesses manage service quality more effectively. As well as controlling, managing and improving the skills of the Telesales team.

Integration with CRM partners

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