CloudPBX & Microsoft Teams

  • Are you using Microsoft Teams?

    Besides what you are doing with Microsoft Teams and the difficulties encountered when using Microsoft Phone System features such as quite expensive, no support, complicated legal procedures… However, Microsoft has built Build a Direct Routing solution and we can help you integrate with the CloudPBX system. We can take advantage of cheaper call rates, more flexibility, and better technical support and advice than with the Microsoft Phone System.

Microsoft Teams Integrated CloudPBX service


With a comprehensive solution that works between your existing Microsoft Teams system and our Virtual Call Center, you can count on giving your employees full management, support, and interaction. And know for sure they have a more powerful customer service and business tool than ever before.



  • CloudPBX provides all-in-one solution

    CloudPBX provides a package solution for businesses that are using Microsoft Team and want to have features like PBX or vice versa. We will support the integration of Microsoft Teams into CloudPBX, making it easy for businesses to deploy and manage.

  • Reasonable cost

    The integrated solution of Microsoft Teams and CloudPBX switchboard has a reasonable cost, businesses that have or have not used CloudPBX can immediately contact us for the best quote, helping businesses save effectively without cost still make the most of the features that Microsoft Teams brings.

  • Suport 24/7

    With a team of engineers and their staff, I have gone through training courses from basic and advanced knowledge, competencies and working experience through projects with Microsoft Teams. Along with the standard 24/7 committed call center service, our customer care center is always ready to assist you anytime you need for any problem related to the product / service you are using.


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