CloudPBX – Cloud Phone System For Your Business

  • The intelligent communication system always operates with a growing business


Our Call Center Services provide comprehensive, flexible and reliable communications solutions for all needs and sizes of businesses. To set up a PBX system, has never been simpler. We will help you launch this professional today

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Discover how the Cloud Phone System CloudPBX helps you?

You have so many worries and questions in mind when selecting, investing, or shopping a call center system for businesses. We have a very simple answer and are committed to meeting your requirements. CloudPBX provides a comprehensive and comprehensive virtual PBX service for all sizes of businesses with the most flexible, convenient, reliable and quality service.

  • Cloud Technology (SaaS)

    Application of technology to provide the most advanced Internet voice service

  • Telecom office

    Include all necessary features for your business operations

  • Security

    Building a high-level security system with a team of experienced management engineers

  • Every where, every time

    You can work anywhere, anytime with an Internet connection only

  • Mobile devices

    Use even on your mobile device (BYOD) and other mobile applications

  • Zero Fix

    From now on you don’t need to pay any maintenance or repair

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Customer experience

Cloud Call Center System CloudXCS brings the best experience to your customers. The great experience is precisely understood as being able to reach customers through multiple channels, quickly providing the best way to support your skills and staff, helping customers solve problems. as fast as possible.

Improve customer trust and loyalty today

CloudXCS with a variety of utilities:

  • No investment in equipment
  • No management, maintenance and repair costs
  • Take care of customers and sales anywhere
  • System stability and security
  • Friendly Web interface
  • Feature-rich catalog
  • Ability to integrate existing applications (CRM, CMS, Helpdesk)
  • Flexible scalability
  • Reports, detailed statistics
  • Real-time Monitoring System
  • Professional Telesales, Telemarketing system
  • AutoCall system capable of making millions of calls
  • 24/7/365 technical support

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