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The concept of virtual PBX is not new at the time of developing telecommunication and communication technology.Once Analog PBX system is currently not possible meet user needs,   VoIP is the next communication solution adopted by the world and put into practice.


What is specific virtual PBX?

What you are looking for is simplicity, low cost but efficiency, your best choice would be Virtual Call Center (CloudPBX). So, what is CloudPBX service? It sounds confusing, but the answer is extremely simple. CloudPBX is a telephone exchange service provided via the Internet instead of traditional telephone lines


  • Simple Operation

    CloudPBX brings you a whole new experience of PBX system for your business. Allow setup, operation, use, expansion and troubleshooting simpler than ever. CloudPBX provides virtual PBX services via the Internet, Application of advanced Voice over IP (VoIP) technology with the ability to make calls over the Internet with LAN / Wifi connection/3G/4G…

  • No more problems

    Telecom office !? Always one of the most important systems in the businessbut most are not properly taken care of while the majority of IT personnel (IT) inability to operate, manage and troubleshoot
    , and this has & been affecting the business. CloudPBX is the solution & Service that helps you have good answers & absolute most so far.

Simple expansion, compatible with many devices

Use common protocols (Session Initiation Protocol) SIP, CloudPBX service provide a comprehensive and flexible platform to support businesses to expand users.
Simple & fast branch extension with just a few taps. Combined with most domestic and international SIP Trunking service providers, allows you to convert very easily from the first phone number to the user. In addition, compatibility with most personal devices that you easily own or are used in your own office.

  • IP Phone

  • Softphone

  • Smartphone

  • Tablet

  • PC


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PBX service for all businesses

3 months
12 months

269,000 đ

219,000 đ
  • / month
    / month
  • ≤ 5 users
    ≤ 5 users
  • Including standard features
    Including standard features

379,000 đ

279,000 đ
  • / month
    / month
  • ≤ 10 users
    ≤ 10 users
  • Including standard features
    Including standard features

729,000 đ

529,000 đ
  • / month
    / month
  • ≤ 20 users
    ≤ 20 users
  • Including standard features
    Including standard features

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  • / month
    / month
  • ≤ 50 users
    ≤ 50 users
  • Including standard features
    Including standard features

Do you still need more information?

» Please see the detailed comparison table «
Basic featuresExpressStandardEnterpriseEnterprise+
Unlimited concurrent calls
Show number called
Automatic answer (customers record greetings)
Ring phone
The basic call function
Automatic call allocation
Listen again & download recording
Voice mail – Send to Email
Report the call details
Password call out
Definition of working time
Support many types of devices
Voice conferencing
Call barring
Record a call
Call forwarding
Connecting multiple offices
Extended service (optional)
Extend recording storage time 30 days / month200,000đ350,000đ450,000đ
Add landline number (DID) / time100,000đ100,000đ100,000đ100,000đ
Change system script (Greetings, IVR, ACD) / times (*)150,000đ150,000đ150,000đ150,000đ
Connect with SMS Brandname service / monthContactContactContactContact
Service number 1900/1800ContactContactContactContact

(*): Support services to change greetings up to 3 times from the time of creating the system, from the 4th time will be charged as prescribed.

Common Question

  • Is the service price mentioned above based on the number of users?
    No, we offer a service fee calculated according to the package you subscribe corresponds to the number of users of your company. The services that are optional are allowed to choose with the corresponding fee (If you feel necessary).
    What is an extension?
    Extension is an extension or a user in your company who uses our service directly.
    What is the telephone number of the service?
    Your phone number is formatted as (area code) 730x xxxx. At the moment you sign up for the new service, you will be given a totally FREE phone number.
    What happens if I cancel the service?
    No problem, if you realize Cloud PBX is not right for you, simply notify us via email before your next payment. In case of monthly subscription you will not have to pay any costs for this. In case you sign up for the service annually, it will be based on the terms of the service contract.
    Can I buy individual features instead of buying a feature pack?
    Our service packs have been developed and built, integrating all the features as described, We believe that other features will effectively support your business.
    Forms of payment like ?
    Currently we accept payment by bank transfer or cash. Details will be notified when you register to use the service.
  • What happens at the end of the subscription period?
    Seven (07) days before the end of the service period, You will receive our email notification of the expiry and instructions on how to continue using the service without interruption.
    How is the calling charge?
    Partner of the corporation FPT & CMC, currently we apply the current tariff in accordance with the service provider and the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, You can see the detailed price list at the address (FPT Telecom) and (CMC Telecom)
    Besides the service fee, are there any other fees?
    Maybe , you need a device to connect to our system
    . Includes: computer, standard USB headset or Internet phone (IP Phone) and Internet connection
    . Please contact us for advice and support equipment quotes.


    Can I upgrade the service pack?
    Of course. When you choose to upgrade, The service pack will take effect immediately, corresponding to the number of users and the expanded features of the service (Our staff will contact and confirm with you before proceeding).
    What is the contract terms?
    Our service packages are provided monthly or yearly. You can register / cancel the service at any time (but note we will not refund deposit fees for canceling or downgrading the service)

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