Auto Call Service | Automated Calling System

Automated Calling System (Auto Call service)

Auto Call Service (known as A.I Telesales Agent) Help you make hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of calls to customers/partner to inform, sell, remind, confirm one or more content at the same time.

Can Auto Call Service help you? ?

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Data are calculated on operational data collected from Call Center centers in Vietnam. See Details compare

A.I application in smart Telesales

  • Operate multiple campaigns simultaneously

  • AI application & Text To Speech (TTS)

  • Personalize the content each customer

  • Set up callback when Busy, Unavailable

  • Extremely detailed reporting system

  • Save time and operating costs

How Auto Call works?

Auto Call is a service that allows you / your business to make lots of simultaneous calls to a large number of customers. with just a few taps from a single employee. Auto Call system allows making calls from your existing customer list, as soon as the system recognizes the answer, it will broadcast independent, separate notifications (personalize data) to each customer automatically with the most accurate voice..

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Auto Call is suitable for any business?


    good-solutions-iconIn the field of e-commerce business, selling via Internet. The need to contact and connect with an extremely large number of customers, from a few thousand, tens of thousands or even millions of customers, is a very time-consuming task, effort as well as manpower to complete this task with low efficiency. Auto Call is an effective tool for you with the following fully automated situations:

    • Program / Product / Promotion Notice.
    • Notice of internal information (private message) to customers.
    • Notification / Automatic order confirmation.
    • Overdue notices.
    • Happy birthday, holidays.
    • Other notices

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    section_eduWith the field of Education and Training. The need to notify and exchange information between schools, training centers with students, students with great demand and traffic. These tasks currently take a lot of time, effort and manpower to accomplish this but at the ratio & efficiency are not high. Auto Call is an effective tool for you with the following situations:

    • Emergency Notices between the school and parents.
    • Notification of student learning results.
    • Notify programs / events of the School / Center.
    • Schedule reminders.
    • Other notices

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    section_transport_motoTransport market & Delivery always the busiest market as well as the need to exchange & nbsp; information is huge. The notification work, confirming that large traffic information now requires a lot of manpower as well as technical staff to operate, which greatly increases the cost for businesses. Auto Call is an effective tool for you with the following situations:

    • Information Notice Orders.
    • Notice of delivery or other information related to the Order / Shipment.
    • Report an incident, incident, or change of information.
    • Order confirmation.
    • Other notices

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    section_healthcareHealth, Health Care. In fact, the need to contact and connect with the number of loyal customers, important health issues needs to be accurately and clearly informed, instead of traditional methods such as SMS, Email. Auto Call is an effective tool for you with the following fully automated situations:

    • Reminder of re-examination
    • Get a vaccination schedule
    • Notification of examination results of patients
    • Notify urgent information, epidemics
    • Other notices

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    section_real_estateReal Estate  is one of the “hot” fields in the market, with the largest volume of transactions, purchases, sales, and reception compared to other areas. The need to create automatic notifications for the purpose of promoting products, announcements, reminders to customers. With the current manual plan, this does not work as well as increase operating costs. Auto Call is an effective tool for you with the following situations:

    • Product ads real easte (hire, purchase).
    • Notice of new real estate project.
    • Notify about progress, update information for Real Estate projects.
    • Payment reminder notice.
    • Notice of change of information.
    • Market survey.
    • Other notices

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    section_publicThe public service such as Water Supply Company, Power Supply Company, Public Services, Police Agencies (Security, Order, Society …) In daily life, there is always a need for information and notifications are considered to be huge for most people in society. Currently, each unit is researching, developing and developing independent and asynchronous applications to complete the management process and customer care. Auto Call is an effective tool for you with the following situations:

    • Notice of power outage schedule, water outage / Payment reminder.
    • Emergency notification of natural disasters and floods.
    • Notice about traffic.
    • Notifications& important warning for society.
    • Notice of disease.
    • Opinion survey & people’s contribution.
    • Other notices

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